Value in planning your workout

June 13, 2022

We’re a true believer in the very need of having a fitness planner. And no, we don’t mean checking into the gym without a clear purpose. It’s a giant step forward for those who make a trip down to their gym and we applaud for that, but checking into the gym without a solid plan can result in those burning out from the lack of results.

Below are some of the many that a plan will help you in so many ways to progress towards your utlimate goal.

Provides structure

Not knowing what you’re going to do for your workout can be a major stumbling block. Feeling like your workout is going to demand another 30 minutes just to figure out what you’re going to do can be more than enough for those to say “forget it”. By having a plan, it’d prevent from you to feel like you are wasting time. A plan provides that very structure so that you aren’t contemplating what to do next or reverting back to the old routine or weights/equipment.

Provides goals

We’ve all done/heard of it. From time to time we all lose sight of the main reason why we started working out. We begin to question why we started as we’re not seeing the results that we hoped for. Having a plan will remind you of the main reason why you started your workout. Having a plan will remind you of your main goal, whether that be for muscle gain or fat loss. It allows you to focus on a goal such that distractions can be avoided. A plan with a set of number of weeks can even provide you with a goal.

Provides a checklist

Your workout plan will entail a checklist, if it’s a structured one. Dopamine hit anyone? Every “check off” will be like giving yourself a pat on the back each set you complete during your workout. Not only that, a plan that would have recording of your workouts checked off, would allow you to know whether you have progressed. You can look back and see whether you can lift heavier or do more reps. It directly allows you to see whehter your current training is having the desired effect.

Prevents under or over training

This is something that’s often missed, but an extremely important reason to have a workout plan. If you are one of those that tries to piece together different workouts or wander around the gym, you easily could be training the same body part too close together or not enough. It is also very likely that you may also be working out too long and/or doing so much cardio for your desired goals. There are so many factors that can warrant an under or over training

Prevents burnout

It’s very common for some to often forget the number of days that have worked out. Nor would they ever remember the amount of rest that you’d taken for the week. This is where a workout plan comes in very handy. It is said that muscle is gained whilst we rest and not in the gym itself. By recording your training patterns, you’d be able to understand your body signals and give your body the rest it needs. This would also help you manage and prevent injuries.

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